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Flexible packaging materials for pharmaceutical products


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Our international pharmaceutical customers demand top quality, service and delivery performance. Digitization is one of the pillars to achieve exactly that. Whether it being through our digital printing capabilities, our interactive packaging app or Reel Calc app – we continuously look for ways to ensure the convenience for our customers as well as for their customers.

Our technologies


Our service range -
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our business

In our commintment to the continuous improvement of our pharmaceutical packaging portfolio, we see innovation as a decisive success factor. Our service range is designed to help our customers achieve improvement in their own business as well.

Our services

We listen. We care.
We innovate.

At Constantia Flexibles, we are committed to the circular economy in which packaging never becomes waste or pollution. 

We continuously work on the recyclability of our packaging solutions to fit to existing recycling technologies, creating world class responsible packaging products.

By using life cycle assessments, we are working on more sustainable packaging solutions to reduce the environmental impact and ecological footprint.

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