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With our range of primary packaging, we are your convenient one-stop-shop for all your inhalation packaging needs. The renowned Constantia Flexibles quality protects your valuable medicine from damaging environmental influences and makes sure, it is delivered safely to your patients.

Discover our packaging materials

for inhalation products



Our high-quality coldform material is one of the most popular pharmaceutical packaging formats currently on the market, particularly for pharmaceutical products that demand the highest barrier properties against water vapor, oxygen, other gases and light.

  • Ultimate product protection against moisture, oxygen, light, and gas 

  • Excellent deep-drawing performance 

  • Highest delamination resistance 

  • Wide choice of specifications available for different applications 



Two steps are necessary to access the pharmaceutical product with this opening feature: first separate the cavity and then peel off the paper. Along with the outstanding puncture resistance of the lidding foil, the steps described ensure child resistance.

  • only after separating one blister cavity from the package is the user able to peel the lidding foil off the base web 

  • Tailor-made designs for different child resistant protection levels (F1–F8) 

  • Typical paper/PET/aluminum structures 

  • Excellent suitability for in-line printing systems 



VELAR is designed for its use in pharmaceutical flow wraps and overwraps to provide exceptional barrier properties against light, oxygen and water vapor. It is recommended for packaging medical and pharmaceutical products such as blisters, inhalers, plastic vials and diagnostic devices.

  • A wide variety of specifications available, aluminum and non-aluminum based 

  • Special sealing layers for high-output packaging lines 

  • Expertise in inhalation overwrap 

  • Opening features like APERTA or LUX are applicable on PET-based specifications 

  • Puncture resistance 



SECURA delivers deep-drawn containers for medical devices. It is manufactured from an aluminum PP laminate and a convenient peelable lidding foil for easy opening. Its superior barrier properties protect against water vapor and oxygen regardless of climate zone.

  • Customized tray based on the footprint of the device to ensure product protection 

  • Very high moisture protection guaranteed during shipping worldwide 

  • High seal integrity with easy opening feature for consumer-friendly peeling 

  • Meets the demanding requirements of new healthcare products (GMP Standards) 

  • Complies with the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard 6052 


Development and support for your manufacturing needs

We support rapid R&D

To speed up your product development projects, we offer competence centers for aluminum and film-based materials, product excellence centers for blisters and laminates as well as specialized technicians that support your R&D projects and application engineering.

We put the high in hygiene

High quality and hygiene come as standard at Constantia Flexibles, thanks to our up-to-date processes under cleanroom conditions.

Let's start small to go big

Our pilot manufacturing lines are flexible and cost-efficient. We can produce small-batch samples to support your proof-of-concept studies.

Our quality is certified

We have certified quality systems in place to verify that our products achieve – and sustain – the highest quality.

Let's find the ideal material

Our R&D labs conduct rigorous material characterization tests using state-of-the-art analytical equipment, helping you identify the ideal materials for your new packaging projects.

Understanding is the first step

To help you better understand how packed goods, packaging, and the environment interact, we have a wide range of services in place and offer in-depth regulatory support.

Lets save lives together
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