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Make sure your primary packaging is fake-proof

Prevent any damage in the name of your brand

Make sure your primary packaging is fake-proof. Sophisticated secondary packaging does not help significantly to reduce the risk of counterfeiting.
Very often, the outer package is disposed of immediately. In many developing regions, pharmaceuticals are sold blister by blister. It is better to focus on making your primary packaging fake-proof. It pays in many ways.

Constantia Flexibles offers a wide range of anti-counterfeiting features powered by outstanding technology, know-how, and processes.

Specifically, primary packaging offers the best opportunity for security because it positions anti-counterfeiting features as close as possible to the product.

Applied properly, they effectively protect people and brands from irreparable damage.

Did you know?

700,000 people die each year because of fake drugs used to treat malaria and tuberculosis


Discover our

anti-counterfeiting features


Turn your branding into an indecipherable safety lock.

Customised aluminium oil. A special design (e.g. your company logo) integrated in the foil surface combined with overt and/or covert features allows identification and supports brand recognition.
These features cannot be removed without damaging the material. The mechanical properties of the aluminium are not affected. The security foil can be used for nearly every aluminium-based packaging.

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Sorry pirates, content excluded from exchange.

Special peelable lidding foils that are damaged during opening. Reliable protection against illegal reuse and counterfeiting when used in combination with other anti-counterfeiting features.

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Integrate design sophistication.

Complex print designs that are extremely difficult to reproduce without expert printing technology and knowledge. The designs can include computer-generated line-screen designs, microelements, multi-coloured guilloche patterns and many other features.

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Add some high-level special effects.

It is possible to produce unique optical effects using a wide range of security features, such as UV and/or IR effects, colour shifting and/or optical taggants.

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Enrich your design with optically variable features.

Several degrees of complexity are possible here which include overt and covert features.
Holograms are long-established and provide a highly visual and easy-to-detect security feature.

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